Aja ki intezaar mein – Shailendra

In Memoriam: on Shailendra’s death anniversary

An outstanding composition, of course Shankar-Jaikishan’s, with whom Shailendra’s career history goes far back into the late 40s.  This film, Halaku (1956) has this middle- eastern backdrop. The title may be based on Hulagu Khan, grandson of the fierce Mongol Genghis Khan with interesting history… but I’m sure the theme for this film is love based. The songs are anything but fierce… no doubt, very strong music, lyrics… and voices. Actors included Ajit and Meena Kumari in lead roles, Helen, Mumtaz… and Pran (the title of Bunny Reuben’s book about the long-standing villain). Beautiful rendition onscreen and offscreen. Lata and Rafi lend their voices respectively for Meena Kumari and Ajit on the silver screen.


After I had posted this song on the lyricist’s group, as a tribute, an ardent fan of Shankar-Jaikishan had added a tidbit stating that only the Dagga – the left in the tabla duo – had been used for percussion. (I am naive in such matters, pardon me, but for those in the know, this may hold some meaning, hence added.) My thanks to him.

Oh, and the lyricist’s second son had also offered his input –  “If I may add, the orchestraization for this song like other SJ songs of that period is way ahead of it’s time. The use of strings and the crisp notes on the mandolin are just too good.” ~ Manoj Shailendra. (Have added this, again for those interested in such details.) Thank you, sir.


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