Beti Bete (1964): In Memoriam, Shailendra

Two years after this film, ‘Beti Bete’ (1964) was released, Shailendra breathed his last. His sons and daughters, his wife, his entire family must have been devastated. One can only imagine their plight at the time… Shailendra himself was quite young, so his children were perhaps school-going kids at the time of his passing.

Shankar-Jaikishan’s music is measured, in keeping with the heart-wrenching mood of the situation in the film. Lata Mangeshkar is outstanding. Rafi lends his soothing voice. Tears roll down every time I’ve listened to this song. The words have pierced through my heart somewhere along the line, and are lodged deep within.

Baby Farida has emoted beautifully…. I wonder if the boy was Babloo.. he featured often in the era of black and white. Wonder what his real name was.

This is for the siblings – Shailendra’s children – Amla, Manoj, Dinesh, Gopa…





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