Tum Na Jaane Kis Jahaan Mein Kho Gaye – Sazaa (1951)

Sahir Ludhianvi, lyricist, we could ask the same of you! Ditto, Sachin Dev Burman – wherever you are, know that we miss you, immensely! Lata Mangeshkar, stay well.

On listening to this post by Ramachandra U Mahale, I am filled with joy and thank him profusely.

An absolutely awesome song… a favorite that has haunted me for a long, long time! Thanks for posting, ‘rumahale ji’. 🙂 Will visit your channel often. 🙂 As for the lyrics, did not know until pointed out now that these are Sahir ji’s… now do these come as any surprise, in view of the little (& large details) many of us have learned about his personal life? Brilliant! Also, the lyrics provided! “[maut bhii aatii nahii, aas bhii jaatii nahee]” “aao tum ko dekh lei.n, Duubtii nazro.n se ham”!


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