Nat “King” Cole – Shailendra’s favorite

Those who write well do appreciate works of art by others. Here’s an example.

Nat “King” Cole, renowned singer, artist (B: March 17, 1919 – D: February 15, 1965) was a favorite with ‘Kaviraaj‘ Shailendra ((B: 30 August 1921 – D: 14 December 1966).

Last December, on Shailendra’s death anniversary, his daughter Amla had posted this song as a tribute to her father. The Sand and the Sea (1955 Classic Hit) held a special meaning for this celebrated lyricist of Hindi cinema. Unless you had deep knowledge of someone, how would you ever know? Thanks, Amla Shailendra Mazumdar, for a peek into your father’s personal preferences.

This is once again in memory of your father, today, on his birth anniversary.
Singer: Nat “King” Cole | Lyrics & Composition: H. Hester & B. Parker.


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