Anand Bakshi – Actor, Singer, Song Writer

On seeing this photograph of Anand Bakshi saab with composers Laxmikant Pyarelal, the thought just crossed my mind… with his six ft. height, chamak in the eyes, army-man personality, hint of a smile, his voice… he could have played many roles that the likes of Sohrab Modi saab, Prithviraj Kapoor ji played as e.g. Shahenshah Akbar… 🙂 Just visualize him in those regal costumes.

It seems he had also toyed with the idea of acting. Well, not without reason… he had all it takes to be one… and a great one, at that! If it had been the era of actors singing (without playback) then yes… but I guess, Bakshi ji was meant for greater feats… poetry lasts longer than people, doesn’t it?

Well, here’s a sampling of his acting talents… in a small role, I think, but sweet. Ironically, the lyricist for this film is not Anand Bakshi, but Majrooh Sultanpuri saab wrote the lyrics for composer S. Mohinder…

Sab kismat ke khel, right? Life itself is no picnic… pun intended, s’il vous plait. But it can be, it’s how you view it, and what you make of it. (Take Anand Bakshi’s life… some day, will write about him, I hope.) 🙂




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