Daan Singh – My Love (1970)

A couple of months ago I listened to all the songs in this film, My Love (1970). I was drawn to it not only for Anand Bakshi’s lyrics for all the songs but for the unusual music compositions. Entire day I couldn’t get the songs out of my head. 🙂 No doubt, the song has a western touch to it. Mukesh ji’s voice is in his typical heart-wrenching mode.

A hidden gem from Bakshi ji’s entire repertoire is “Zikr hota hai jab Qayamat ka”… somewhat lesser known, due to less publicity perhaps of this music director, Daan Singh.

Here’s an excerpt from an article after his passing. “In an interview to The Times of India earlier this year, Singh recalled how fellow composer Madan Mohan loved the way he had used raag Bhairavi in the song. “Arre raag Bhairavi to hum bhi istemal karte hain. Tune ye kaun sa sur mila diya? (We use raag Bhairavi too. How did you come up with such a variation)?,” he is said to have commented.”

DaanSingh Obituary


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