Dekho Jee Bahaar Aayi — Chulbuli Meena Kumari

In all my years of watching Hindi cinema classics, I have seen few films with Meena Kumari in a light mood. Well, not for nothing was she renowned as Tragedy Queen. When you read snippets about her life and piece them together,  indeed she had a rather sad personal life as well, that was projected onscreen as well.

But this song, again that my friend Jyoti posted today, is delightful. The geet itself is badaa meetha, with Rajendra Krishan ji’ s lyrics. Equally sweet is Lata ji’s voice for C. Ramachandra’s composition. What I enjoyed most was watching Meena Kumari as this chulbuli young woman… I missed watching her thus in films of later years. Yes, Azaad, totally. Film: Azaad (1955)!

Thanks, Jyoti.


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