Main Tumhin Se Poochti Hun – Balraj Sahni & Minoo Mumtaz

Jan Nisar Akhtar’s lyrics for Black Cat (1959), with N. Dutta’s composition is a song meant for couples who sincerely believe in ‘love that must last forever’… Realistic? I’m not sure… but to nurture such an idea and to make it happen, why not!

But that’s not the point. The song is fabulous, had heard it often, but I just saw it this morning though, and was pleasantly surprised to see this actor. Thanks, Rukhsana. Then I learned from the other online friend Kusum ji that although Minoo Mumtaz had acted in numerous films, this was the only one where she was in the lead role, the heroine. Thank you, for the inputs. Wow… she danced well, was charming, endearing… but who knows why she did not bag more meaty roles.

Would anyone care to let the cat out of the bag? đŸ˜‰




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