Composer Roshan saab’s last film: Anokhi Raat (1969)

Oh Re Taal Mile Nadi ke Jal se…

Roshan saab’s fluid musical compositions came to an abrupt end. He passed away.

If you just listen to this song – Indeevar ji’s lyrics – without watching the video, you would not realize, it was not on the nadi. Ajeeb hai na yeh… is it the lyrics or the compositionthe ‘arrangement’ of instruments that were playing,  the rhythm, what is it? Mukesh sings with emotion, as always, and isn’t Sanjeev Kumar adorable onscreen?

(I love the chorus and the taan… In college, far back, I was part of the chorus when we presented the song on College Day. Okay, not kidding, but it’s okay to snigger at the idea.) 😉

Another song from this film that Roshan saab had composed, but which remained unrecorded was Mehlon ka Raja mila… Lata ji sang this, with, I understand Mrs Era Roshan in the studio, and also her munh-boley bhai Madan Mohan, also composer and a dear friend of the late Roshan saab. Zaheeda emotes well for this bidaai-type song


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