Kati Patang – Anand Bakshi

Jiss Gali Mein Tera Ghar Na ho Baalama“… Mukesh sings… for the reigning star Rajesh Khanna… A few years later, was it Shakti Samanta, the director, or Pancham da the music composer who brought in Kishore Kumar for Chingari Koi Bhadke, I wonder. Or did the superstar have a say in this matter. Who knows, someday this mystery may unfold.

Now why do I ask… well, for one, both songs are on a boat. But more important, I feel, the situation is about social change. Skillfully, in this ballad, Anand Bakshi weaves in words that hint at bringing about this change. Break the age-old inhibitions imposed by society. “Aa yeh rasme yeh kasme tu abhi chhod de, tu chali aa chunar pyar ki odh ke… ”

While Gulshan Nanda’s story, ‘Kati Patang’ (1971) is about a woman who ‘pretends’ to be a widow, due to some unusual circumstances,  ‘Amar Prem’ (1972) is about forbidden love between a married man (however unhappy the marriage may be) and a woman who is, for all practical purposes, an outcast in ‘normal’ society (however cruel this society can be to even those who aren’t outcasts). Go figure.

Chingari Koi Bhadke‘, or “Jiss Gali Mein“, they’re both superb, but for now… I will listen to Mukesh, and watch Asha Parekh with Kaka aka Rajesh Khanna. 🙂





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