Sun le Tu Dil ki Sadaa… Hasrat Jaipuri

Last few days were consumed by thoughts of revenue department, far from romance. Some of you can empathize. “Tu jahaan hai, main vahaan hun”… Yes, that is the source of stress, again, not romantically speaking. 😉 Now, Hasrat Jaipuri saab’s 95th birth anniversary was just a couple of days back on 15th April, 2017.

So enjoy his lyrics for this song, with Dada Burman’s composition; and Dev saab’s suave avataar onscreen, with Rafi saab’s voice as playback… “Tere Ghar Ke Saamne” (1963).

[Suggestion: Please do not replace Revenue for Romance… 😉 ]


Now imagine you’re done this year, but before long April 2018 will be here, plaguing you yet again… (Yeah, yeah, you know that feeling of euphoria when a painful task is behind you… or, at least for awhile.)  Here’s how one feels toward Uncle Sam… “Hum na bolenge kabhi, tum sataaya na karo”.

[Okay, okay… cheesy connection! Pardon.]



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